OPEN: Monday to Saturday
    Lunch: 11:30AM–2PM
    Dinner: 5PM–10PM
    Closed: Thursday Lunch
    and Sunday All day


    2244 San Diego Ave, San Diego, CA 92110
    Phone: (619) 297-0298

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    About Sushi Tadokoro

    Preparing the best of Traditional Japanese (Edo-mae) Style sushi using home made ingredients and recipes. Everything is prepared using the best of local and seasonal ingredients from around the world. Behind every meal is hours of careful preparation using skills and techniques acquired over the years. Make reservation to Sushi Bar and experience the taste of what traditional style Japanese sushi is all about. We are located in a small place at San Diego Old Town, so only limited seats are available. Highly recommend making reservations.

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    phone: (619) 297-0298

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    The Best Sushi Restaurants in America! -Timeout.com 2016/2017

    stripped-down, strip-mall storefront sets the stage for a low-key yet high-toned parade of daily specials in the Edomae style: here’s your chance to try Japanese sardines and barracuda, the fatty halibut fin muscle called engawa, and clams galore, including blood cockles. Start with fried smelt and sake in charmingly mismatched cups; finish with a bowl of zenzai (mochi dumplings in sweet adzuki-bean soup); and, above all, bask in the serene glow of Sushi Tadokoro’s seafood extraordinaire, presented with neither pomp nor circumstance. Read More at Timeout.com