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高田純次のセカイぷらぷら アメリカ編サンディエゴ に出演しました!
19分ごろからJAL CAのお薦め店としてすし田所が出演しています!!

We are on Japanese TV show!
Sushi Tadokoro is recommended by Cabin Attendants by JAL Airline!!
Showing Sushi Tadokoro around 00:19:00.


Finest Sushi spot in San Diego by Thrillist.com!

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Finest Sushi spot in San Diego by www.Thrillist .com


Sushi Tadokoro
Old Town
Old Town isn’t exactly the part of SD you’d think to visit when a sushi craving hits, but nestled amongst the Mexican restaurants is a little place serving some of the freshest traditional Edo-mae style sushi in town. They’re only open for dinner and the place is small, so reservations are definitely advisable.

ありがとうございます!www.thrillist.comさんにて、サンディエゴのFinest Sushi Spot に選ばれました。
カウンター10席 テーブル席 7の小さなお店ですので事前にお席のご予約をお勧めいたします。
営業は夜のみ5:00からになりますが、昼間は仕込をしておりますので大体2:00位からご予約のお電話を取ることが出来ると思います。営業日は月曜日から土曜日迄 、日曜日は定休日となります。

ご予約番号 619-297-0298

Sushi Tadokoro On San Diego Reader Magazine!

I’m usually at a loss when asked what the “best restaurant neighborhood” in San Diego is. The truth is, we log in some miles going to our favorite places. South to Chula Vista for Mariscos or National City for Filipino, East to El Cajon for Chaldean or Turkish treats, North to Rancho Peñasquitos for Thai, up to Mira Mesa or over to City Heights for Pho. The effort and cost is worth it to us as we get to enjoy the diversity of cuisine that our home offers. The Missus once saw a bumper sticker that read “Will travel for food,” which I’ve been searching for ever since.

Sushi Tadokoro
2244 San Diego Avenue, Old Town

The understated, clean, “austere-zen” décor of Sushi Tadokoro reflects the sensibilities of the Itamae and owner Take-san, who uses classic Edomae-zushi, what we call nigiri sushi as a base from which his creations expand.

Take-san seems to remember every dish that was ever served to us, our preferences, and designs a perfect meal for that season, day, and weather. He knows the Missus loves his Ankimo; seasoned and steamed monkfish liver, much like a pate. And that we really enjoy shiromi, “white flesh fishes,” often “painted” with nikiri, his personal soy sauce blend. We will often be lucky enough to have engawa, the collagen-rich, slightly sweet, dorsal fin muscle of the halibut, or mebachi-zuke, Bigeye Tuna quickly marinated in a soy sauce mixture.

Make a reservation for early in the evening, before the place gets busy. Ask to sit in front of Take-san. Sit back and leave yourself in his hands.

Read more: http://www.sandiegoreader.com/news/2013/sep/04/feast-all-over-map/#ixzz2fQ2fLKXk