Sushi Tadokoro will be open 5/27 Memorial Day.

We will be open May 27 Memorial Day!
So if you had lots of BBQ on this week ends and you might want to eat sushi.
Many sushi restaurant close on Monday but we are opening every Monday.
Sushi Monday at Old Town San Diego, Sushi Tadokoro open@5:00-10:00
See you soon,we have best cold beer in town.


Happy New Year!
We got Kumade from Japan.
Thank you for your support!


Sushi Tadokoro Old Town San Diego

Christmas holiday information

Hi there! Thank you for enjoying our sushi at Old Town.
Sushi Tadokoro will be close Dec 23/24/25 for Christmas holiday .
But for new year, We will be open Dec 31- New Years
If you feel sushi on new year,we are here for you.
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!

Takeaki Tadokoro